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Basics of the capacitor

Well you would like to know what is a capacitor

A capacitor is an electronic component that stores electrical energy in a circuit and release it when it is needed at a later stage.

Those are some of the well known types of capacitors we come across.

We have different types of capacitors as seen above.

Those includes

The popular components we know are above.these below are the types that exist but are not that popular.

I will show how a capacitor can be connected in a circuit.Remember that I am not including the connection regarding the positivity and negativity of the component

Thank you for reading.if you have any questions or concerns please contact me on our reader contact platform.

D-I-Y circuit

Today I am going to be guiding you on making this wonderful circuit.The circuit an Rf transmitter circuit that will allow you to send out radio signals to the neighborhood and fortunately beyond.


*1MHz oscillator

*Alligator clip

*Headphone jack

*Audio transformer

*Printed circuit board

*9V battery and it’s clip

*Insulated wire for antenna

What you need to know about the components.

The oscillator

*It has four pins but we are going to use only 3

*The corners are round and the fourth is pointy,indicating the unused pin

The audio transformer

*It has 2 pins

*The first pin is of 1000 ohm resistance and the other is 8 ohm of resistance.


*Place the oscillator on the right side of the circuit board and insert the red wire from the battery

*Connect white wire of the audio transformer to the left pin of the oscillator.

*Insert black wire of battery into the lower right of the oscillator

*Use an alligator clip to connect the top right pin of oscillator to the antenna connector

*Open the earpiece connector(earphone jack) and connect the 1000 ohm pin of the transformer.

*Plug to phone and play your radio.

Try tuning to 1000 on your radio.

* Ciao*

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